Having clear, documented test procedures is key to ensuring the success of network rollouts and turning up end customer services.

Network Testing Solutions developed test procedures and documentation for a variety of scenarios including:

  • Network rollouts
  • Device type approval
  • Network upgrades
  • Service turn-up


Critical to a successful test process is understanding the impact that different network architectures will have and the KPIs that are necessary for each. Combining this with an understanding of test methodologies such as Y.1564, RFC2544, RFC6349 and the applications these can be used for we will define test processes for rolling out each area of the network and for turning up every service product.

Test equipment optimisation

Once the test process for every service product has been defined and agreed we can also perform an inventory assessment to identify which specific test instruments can perform which test procedures.

For each type of test equipment identified in the assessment we can deliver configuration files that can be distributed on every device, making service delivery activities as simple as turning on the test instrument and loading the configuration for that service type.