Test automation is not only useful within production lines. Ensuring test procedures are being followed and the repeatability of tests can be extremely valuable both in the lab and in the field environments.

Our automation services are built on your specific test procedures and result requirements, giving you automated tests with repeatable procedures and repeatable results every time.

For field deployments and service turn up automation is a great way of ensuring that your network and customers are being tested the right way, every time. Key to this is understanding the full test process.

For example; when turning up Ethernet services the full turn up flow might be to test the fibre, then test the fibre connectors and finally run an Ethernet test. With our automation service this whole workflow can be automated, even though this might require several test instruments.


Using an automation solution each step in the process is ensured to be run – even steps such as connector inspection that can be “forgotten” by staff on site – and at the end of the job a single consolidated test report with your exact format can be produced.