Network Service Providers (NSPs) are having to cope with increased bandwidth demands, increasingly fast technology adoption and reductions in workforce familiar with the latest network technology.  At the same time customer service expectations are at an all time high.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for NSPs and their deployment partners to maintain a test process that copes with the latest network technology. Further complicating this has been a combined push within the test & measurement industry to standardise some test methodologies for Carrier Ethernet networks.

Is your network test strategy adequate?

Our Network Test Audit service examines the following factors:

  • Design of the carrier network
  • Network device functionality
  • The end user services being offered
  • The current test process for in-house staff and contractors
  • The capabilities of the existing test equipment inventory
  • Reporting methods


Our audit will highlight any shortcomings in the current test procedures and make recommendations for changes, highlighting appropriate test methodologies where appropriate.

Based on the recommended changes we will also describe whether the current test inventory would be suitable to perform the test methods being recommended or whether the inventory could be made suitable by software upgrades or whether hardware upgrades or replacement would be necassary.

Equipment purchase support

In cases where the test inventory needs to be replaced or additional hardware purchased we are able to produce technical specifications fr the equipment that would be required up to and including preparing an RFQ document specification and evaluating responses to the RFQ.